A gorgeous procession of courtesans
A slow and steady parade through Sunpu Castle.

The procession of the courtesans is a slow procession of beautifully dressed courtesans, accompanied by a large number of cronies.
The total weight of the costume, including the hair (wig), hairpin, obi, and kimono, can be over 30 kilograms.
It is said that the procession was made up of 7 to 12 people.

Around 1605, a falconer named Kaemon Ibe, after resigning from his post, bought a 10,000 tsubo plot of land near the Abe River in the hope of Ieyasu to build a brothel.
Originally, there were seven streets, but five of them were moved to Edo and became "Yoshiwara Yukaku," and the remaining two streets were called "Nichomachi" and flourished as a nationally known brothel.

On the Saturday and Sunday of the Shizuoka Festival, seven gorgeous courtesans, including a lantern bearer, a new furisode shinzou, two kamuro, a shoulder lender, a courtesan, and an umbrella bearer, parade slowly and gracefully through the Sunpu Castle area.

It is a popular and hidden attraction. Please take a look!