The Shizuoka Festival began in response to the Hatsukae Festival.

The Shizuoka Festival is a citizens' festival that started in 1957 in response to the Hatsukae Festival at Sengen Shrine, which has a history and tradition of over 450 years and has been a major festival in Suruga since long before the Imagawa Period.

historical fact

Shizuoka Festival is associated with the legend of Tokugawa Ieyasu's cherry blossom viewing

The festival is held when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, with the main event being the " Great Lord Cherry Blossom Viewing Parade," based on the legend that Ieyasu Tokugawa took his retainers to Sunpu to view the cherry blossoms.


From "Seeing" to "Participating" in the Festival

From the 40th festival, the festival has changed from "static" to "dynamic", and from "watching" to "participating", and the "Night Cherry Blossom Dance" was born. The parade to Sunpu Castle began.


Sunpu Castle Park and downtown Shizuoka City, where the event will be held.

The Sunpu Castle Park and the downtown area of Shizuoka City, where the festival will be held, will be crowded with people as various festival events unfold.